iPad, Apps & Spanish Lessons…

At the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca last summer we introduced the revolutionary iPad to our Spanish language classes and since then, our teachers have been working very hard to implement this new technology to our programs.


Here are 5 things we have done to incorporate the iPad to our Spanish Classes



#1 Trainning – An Apple Distinguished Educator trainned our teachers on how to incoporate technology to the Spanish Language Classroom. During this trainning, our teachers were provided with the necessary tools so that they can use all of the resources available online to incorporate digital materials to our classes. 


#2 We Remodeled our Program. 

In order to include technology in our Spanish Language Courses we changed the whole program to make it more functional and adaptable to exercices which included technology. For example, now with our new program, we can use Social Applications like Facebook or Linkedin so that our students can build their own profiles in Spanish which can be used for personal and profesional purposes.

#3 We Created a Wiki

Wikis are great to share and collaborate online with collegues and students. For so, we stared using a wiki in which all of our teachers work together on our new program or developing new materials that can be accesible by other teachers at different times. 


#4 Discover new tools & Share information 

Since technology can be overwhealming and very distractive, we continue trainning our teachers every week. Since we started to use  technology in the Spanish language classroom, our teachers get together on a weekly basis to share new tools and ideas. 

During these weekly meetings our teacher Angeles Castellanos show us how she uses TripAdvisor as a tool that can be a great help for an excersice in which the student needs to learn how to obtain information about a product of a service related to tourism – The app of TripAdvisor. It is excellent for beginner students to explore what are the local attractions. For advance students, it can be usefull to teach them to write a review in Spanish using past tense and new adjectives.



#5 Create New Materials 

Apart from using resources available on the internet with the iPad, now we can use our own digital materials. With iMovie we can incorporate pieces of movies or songs into excersices for our Spanish Classes. Two great applications that can be used to create new materials are iBooks (Developed by apple) and Moglue http://www.moglue.com/


Other apps used by our teachers in their Spanish Language Classes are

– Pages, Keynote, MicPro, Superama, Brain Pop, iCal, Maps, Evernote etc. 


For more information about the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca or Spanish Classes in Oaxaca please visit www.icomexico.com



10 ways an iPad can help you learn Spanish



Here at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca, we are beginning to use iPads in many of our classes.  It’s very important to be culturally immersed, but it’s also important in this historical moment to keep in mind how central technology is to our lives.  Especially for students who plan to use Spanish in a work environment, a familiarity with technology is vital.



1. Songs and movies mean you can hear Spanish at home, not just in the classroom.

2. With the iPad’s camera, you can record yourself speaking Spanish and see and hear your own progress.  Try recording yourself repeating a tongue twister on the first and last days of your stay: ruedan las ruedas del ferrocarril…

3. Play Scrabble and other word games with your friends and classmates!

4. Work on interactive exercises in your free time, getting feedback even when you’re not in the classroom.

5. If you’re at a high level, take advantage of access to news articles, magazines, and books with an e-reader app!

6. If you’re just beginning, use dozens of visual language-learning apps to connect pictures to words.

7. Dictionary apps make it easy to consult multiple dictionaries: get a word’s meaning in English, read a description in Spanish, or look at lists of synonyms, antonyms, or even rhyming words.

8. Interactive self-tests let you focus on your problem areas.

9. With an e-reader, get instant access to hundreds of books and magazines in Spanish.  Audiobooks and podcasts are also available for iPad.

10. Skype with your faraway friends in Spanish, or find an intercambio through Skype and practice for free.

And a bonus reason:

11. Familiarize yourself with the layout of a Spanish keyboard.