Our Top 10 List of Restaurants to enjoy Oaxaca’s Gastronomy while Studying Spanish


La Biznaga: it is a nice place to get fresh fresh food, atmosphere is very pleasant, and Margaritas are powerful and tasty!

Zandunga: Tradional Istmeñan Food. It is worth trying the “Estofado de Boda Istmeña”

Los Danzantes: Great Atmosphere, Oaxacan Fusion, Mezcal

Casa Oaxaca: A great representation of the Oaxacan Nouvelle Cuisine – Try their house wine and mezcalinis – which can be a great introduction to Mezcal If it’s your first time trying it

La Florecita Mercado de la Merced: Located in the heart of the “Mercado
De la Merced” it is a great place to get a delicious Oaxacan Breakfast

Grupo Lulaa: a Hiden Gem of Mixe Food in Oaxaca. It is a small but tasty restaurant. The menu changes everyday! Oaxaca.wikispaces.com/lulaa

Catedral: A Delicious Oaxacan Restaurant, buffet on Sundays at an affordable price. Excellent Service

La Popular: Tacos, Tortas and Popular Oaxacan Food . https://www.facebook.com/lapopularoaxaca


Torta de Pavo

Torta de Pavo at La Popular

Itanoni: Itanoni’s concept is quite unique. It is a restaurant that it’s menu is based on corn products only representing the traditional Oaxacan Food

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For more information about Oaxaca and Spanish Classes please visit www.icomexico.com


5 thoughts on “Our Top 10 List of Restaurants to enjoy Oaxaca’s Gastronomy while Studying Spanish

  1. I’m familiar with some, but will have to visit the others in July. Where is Itanoni? I tried to find it once, but no success. I like Maria Bonita too.

    • I only see 9 restaurants on your list. May I suggest the addition of a very informal spot: the corn lady on the east side of the Llano Park after 6 most every night (the “soup, or esquites, is delicious and not to be missed and a bench surrounded by families enjoying the park offers the best seat in the house). Our host family told us she has been serving food here for years and it is one of their family favourites. With all the fabulous places to eat I did catch 4 on your list. I had my first and very enjoyable introduction to huitlacoche at La Florecita.

  2. Ellen, Itanoni is located in Belisario Dominguez itanoni.com.mxhttp://maps.google.com/maps?client=safari&rls=en&q=itanoni&oe=UTF-8&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&sa=N&tab=wl

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