5 Tips of where to eat vegetarian food while you are Studying Spanish in Oaxaca by Emily Berens!

  1. La Jicara – veggie comida corrida every Monday and Wednesday, and tasty, healthy veggie options on their regular menu – Porfirio Díaz 1105, Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico
  2. 100% Natural – Here you can find a big selection of veggie foods, some traditional Oaxaca, some not. Dr Liceaga 115, Oaxaca, Oaxaca
  3. Maria Bonita – You can find lots of menu options, a decent selection for veggies. Macedonio Alcala 706 B, Oaxaca
  4. Any torta stand around the city – quesillo, beans, guacamole, tres quesos, etc.. – Tortas can be greasy and nothing healthy about it, but cheap and tasty
  5. Any Elote/Esquite Stand on the Street may be not the healthiest choice but definetely a delicious one.

For more info about Instituto Cultural Oaxaca go to www.icomexico.com


Saludos desde Oaxaca!


The Instituto Cultural Oaxaca has been a gateway to Mexico and to the Spanish language since 1984. Taking part in the family-run Institute’s language immersion program enables you to really experience Mexican culture whilst learning Spanish through the combination of our intensive language program and daily cultural activities.

The Institute offers up to seven hours of daily instruction, including grammar and conversation classes and cultural workshops. Upon arrival, you take a short exam to enable us to place you in the appropriate class level; we offer everything from beginners’ Spanish to advanced Mexican and Latin American Literature. Class size is kept to a minimum (average 5-6 students) and our teachers are university-educated, native speakers with years of teaching experience.

Our classes will enhance your speaking, listening and general comprehension skills while introducing you to Mexican culture. Our instructors incorporate a variety of teaching methods including the use of films, role-play, music, conversation, and texts enabling you not only to learn Spanish grammar but also to apply that knowledge in everyday conversational use.

During the afternoons, we offer cultural workshops, which may include Oaxacan cooking, weaving, conversation, salsa dancing and Mexican cinema among others.

We also offer an intercambio program, where you are matched for an hour each day with a local student learning English. This informal, one-on-one interaction sets the foundations for friendship and aids both students’ cultural awareness.

We have created this space to keep our former, current and potential students involved in the current events of Oaxaca and at the Institute!

For more information please visit http://www.icomexico.com